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*Imagine if your business could offer an unlimited amount of our four great incentive offers to your customers to increase your leads and sales for just $100 per year. If offering these incentives were to get you just one extra sale per year, it would pay for itself. What if offering these incentives got you one extra sale per month, one extra sale per week or one extra sale per day? 

We have testimonials from telemarketing centers that show they increased their leads by as much as one sale per hour. How much would that be worth to your bottom line? Not convinced yet?  We work with thousands of businesses to increase their leads and sales every day.  We are so confident that you will increase your leads and sales that we will allow you to test our incentives for 7 days at no cost to you whatsoever.
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 Increase Leads and Sales  

Updated in 2007 the $1000 restaurant incentive now includes additional savings at not just hundreds of restaurants, both locally and nationally, but also offers up to $500 in grocery coupons for that extra value.  Another great incentive to get more leads and sales.

They call it "Super Market Magic." Imagine an incentive that is guaranteed to save a family $1000 off the groceries of their choice valid at any supermarket.  Members have saved over $5,702,727 so far. Great incentive that keeps your customers happy.

Our 8 day and 7 night Resort Getaway is one of our newest incentive vacation offers. Each certificate is valid for a one week condominium stay in over 65 domestic and 20 international resort destinations.  Valid for up to four people. 

For over 20 years we have offered hotel accommodations for over 200,000 couples in over 50 resort destinations. Our most popular destination, Las Vegas, is honored by several major hotel casinos on the World Famous  Las Vegas Strip.

We GUARANTEE  to Increase Your Leads and Sales or you  PAY NOTHING*

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