Distributor/Business Digital Incentive Certificates License Registration Order Form


Business Owner, Organization, and/or Distributor Agent is purchasing a Annual License Right to actively distribute an unlimited number of Cash Saver, Inc certificates for a 12 month period for a "Limited Time Only" fee of only $100.00 per year.

All registered Distributor Agents are also authorized to actively sell an unlimited amount of these Distributor License Rights to as many companies as they can at the special discounted rate of $100.00 each. The $100.00 is paid for through the payment system below, and for each license right certificate that is purchased they still remain the actual property and ownership of the The WebCenterCityGuideNetwork.

Upon completing your official registration request to become an official Distributor Agent you'll then receive your very own independent Distributor Agent's License Code, which will go on your own set of (4) PDF files. In addition, all active Distributor Agents can qualify to get paid commissions for each Local Area Community Business, Organization, or even New Distributor that you directly refer that purchases a Digital Certificate License as a result of your personal recruiting and marketing efforts on a Bi-weekly basis.

The format of these Cash Saver, Inc. certificates will be issued by Cash Saver, Inc as a PDF file. These (4) customized PDF files can then be printed, emailed, placed on a website, mobile app, or simply uploaded to customers of the Business or Merchant Sponsor on a 24/7 basis.

The actual copy text or wording cannot be changed on the PDF files except for in the "Compliments of" section ONLY. However, the "Compliments of" section can be changed as often as necessary in order to fit different promotions or marketing campaigns at no further cost to any active authorized Merchant or Distributor.

WebCenterCityGuideNetwork Promotional Package Plans

License PS7602TX $100.00 DL- PS7602TX


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